Advent Hi Vis Brick Measuring Line - 76m /250ft - Neon Orange
Advent Hi Vis Brick Measuring Line - 76m /250ft - 3 colours available

Advent Hi Vis Braided Builders Brick Line, Landscaping, Gardening 76m/250ft - Neon Orange

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Advent Hi Vis Brick Line is a strong trade quality product..

The brick line provides high visibility in all conditions and is made from high tencile braided nylon that has been tough twisted making it sturdy, durable and sag free.

Perfect for landscaping, laying paving, fencing and any DIY job that requires a plumb line etc.

Available in a choice of 3 hi vis colours.

Pink, Yellow, Orange

Key Features

  • Hi Vis Brick Line
  • High Tencile 
  • No Sag
  • High Visibility Neon Colour
  • Easy to see

Product Specification

Brick Line length: 76m/250ft

Height: 10cm

Width:  4cm

Weight:  150g